To everything there is a reason, and a time to every purpose to swim the seas.

A time to swim aerobically, a time for skills and drills, to work on the catch, that time is Monday.

A time to swim longer distances aerobically to build endurance and stamina, a time for technique with pull buoys and paddles breathing every three to five, the time for that is Tuesday.

A time to swim anaerobically, a time for intensity, a time when your body can’t meet its demands for oxygen, a time that burns and builds tolerance to lactic acid: Wednesday is that time.

A time for rest, nurturing merciful rest, a time to sleep in, not to rush, a time for a breakfast with loved ones, to read the paper to walk the dog, that is for Thursday.

A time to sprint 50’s: The time? On the minute; one hard one easy, a time to be without breath, a time for training to beat the tide as it turns near France when time is not your friend, that time is Friday

A time to forget time, that time is Saturday for that is the only time you have to swim 4 to 8 hours, to be calm and strong and to carry on when the mind is wavering, a time to surrender but only to the pain and be one with the sea.

A time for friends and fun, a time for the ocean to see reef and fish, to ride waves and be in the sun, a time to swim for the pure joy of the feel of the water, a time to be enveloped by the sea and be held by its friends: the time for this is Sunday at Manly with the bold and the beautiful.

Indeed to everything, there is a reason.