It’s a little over two weeks now since my swim , and I am well and truly rested and relaxed. Thanks to all my readers, family , friends and donors. Your support has been overwhelming.

My body took a week to recover but my left shoulder which was troublesome before the swim needs a good break , so I will be out of the water for anything serious for a few weeks yet.

Mentally I had been warned of post swim blues that follows the unnatural high from the bodies reaction to the swim , but so far nothing bad has happened. Forewarned is forearmed. I’m getting plenty of rest and relaxation.

I’m in London at the moment writing a memoir about my ocean swimming experiences of the last two years. I thought I would do it while my channel swim is fresh in my mind. It’s not unlike the swim itself. It takes plenty of planning, preparation and consistent effort to get it done . I write 2000 words each day before taking a break to enjoy London’s Notting Hill where I am based.

I want to use the book to continue my fundraising for Lifeline. If you can donate to that cause please do so here on my blog site. Lifeline gets a call every 36 seconds from someone at risk of suicide and they can’t answer them all as presently funded. I don’t want you or me or anyone we love to be the one that misses out.

Before getting here to London ,  I took a trip to Northern Ireland to trace my ancestry. This is a picture of me contemplating what might be my next swim , the North Channel. It was swum this week by just the 26th person ever. Interesting.