Yesterday, a stick poked me. So named for his insect like build, Stick’s a mate of my eldest son, Luke and he interviewed me for a university radio piece on mental health.

Stick had read my blog and came armed with hard questions. What happened the first time I broke down? How did that affect me professionally as a lawyer? How was I affected by my suicidal thoughts? Did coming out at 50 help? Why did I swim the English Channel? How’s that working for me now?

Ray Martin could learn a thing from Stick and his interview with Julia might just have been worth watching.

As it happened our interview was on the eve of a session with my sports psychologist Paul about why I hadn’t yet been able to get back in the water. For the past couple of months I’ve been struggling with ‘post channel syndrome’.

Post channel syndrome is a feeling of having achieved something so special nothing else could compare, so why be bothered? The condition manifests in slovenly ways and hollow promises of action that when inevitably broken lead to negative self talk and all of a sudden it’s bipolar groundhog day.

And that’s exactly why I will be bothered. I’m back. Thanks for the poke, Stick.